Miscellaneous Arts Center in Timi┼čoara, Romania

The economy of forms, innovative writing, fantasy, irony, and the extraordinary ability to synthesize reality are characteristics that, sixty years ago, made the Polish poster famous all over the world. 

The "Polish School of Afis", as it is called this art stream, not a school in the proper sense of the word, has become, over time, an undeniable world-wide standard of advertising graphics. 

Some of his most interesting examples, dedicated exclusively to film, theater and opera, can now be seen in the exhibition prepared by the Polish Institute in Bucharest at the Misc. Arts Center in Timisoara.

The exhibition, organized with the largest private Polish collection of posters, of more than 40,000 works, belonging to Krzysztof Dydo, who knows the art of the poster and is the owner of a gallery in Krakow, brings together over fifty posters made by approx. 50 graphic artists. 

Coming Soon:
The Polish Poster
Theater, Film and Opera

The opening of the exhibition will take place on

Friday, July 20, 2018, at 20.00 at the Miscellaneous Arts Center.
It will be followed by an opening party for the Ceau Cinema movie festival starting at 23:00

       Launched in the fall of 2017, The Misc. Arts Center has set out to be a space for new and innovative photography, theater and miscellaneous arts.
      Misc. is located within one of Timisoara's most important historic architecture monuments, Timisoara's Cigarette Factory. The first one built in the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the first in Romania way back in 1847, it has since become a lifeless hulk. We're trying to bring some life back into the area, and there is no life like ART.

       The Misc. Arts Center is located riverside, right next to the Bega canal, and a block away from the Timisoara North railway station.
We're a bunch of people that believe art should play an important part in the life of Timisoara and we'll strive to create a great, lively art space that welcomes everyone.

       Misc. Is a self-funded endeavor. It has taken a lot of preparation to make the space habitable and welcoming to our guests, both in man hours and from a financial perspective.

         Misc. is always looking for volunteers and for companies that are interested in sponsoring and encouraging the independent art scene in Timisoara. If you are interested in working with us towards a strong and vibrant independent arts sector, don't hesitate to contact us.

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ADDRESS: Nicolae Titulescu nr 13,

where it meets Pop De Basesti.

The old cigarette factory.