30 March

Upcoming events:

The BAZAR event will take place on Friday, March 30, and will be a pop-up store organized by The Secret Garden, in collaboration with LAUNMOMENTDAT and Misc.

The action will bring together more than 20 national and local artists, hosted by the MISC Miscellaneous Arts Center. (formerly Cigarette Factory).

The event will take place between 16.00 and 22.00, the entrance being free. Meanwhile, at 23.00, local DJs will prepare vinyls for a post-party event. The musical selection will belong to the genre house, having different influences, funk, soul and disco. Among the guests will be Rapala, Angel, Mi-Tzu and Who: Ratio.

Photography initiation course

13-15 April

The course will give you a good understanding of the basic notions of photography, without too much technicality, with examples and practical applications. We'll go out on the field to take photos of everything we've learned through games and photo themes. Throughout the course you will be assisted in taking photos, and at the end you will have individual feedback on your photos.

Price: 290 lei.

Trainer: Claudia Tănăsescu

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